Non-Surgical Face Lift Cool RF Lift is the product name given to a skin tightening procedure that many are calling a non surgical face lift.
The Cool RF Lift is one of the latest and most advanced products to emerge in the field of radio frequency face lift.
The Cool RF Lift is a device used to combat aging by stimulating and restoring collagen and elastin that lies below the skins surface.
As the skin ages the collagen fibers begin to stretch and the end result is sagging skin.
  The Cool RF Lift procedure works via two methods. First it uniformly heats the weaker collagen which causes it to immediately contract and thicken. Secondly it creates micro injuries to the dermis layer of the skin which results in it producing new collagen and elastin over the next several months.

The Cool RF Lift Procedure has been used for various areas of the body including parts on the face, neck and body in which wrinkles or mild sagging is starting to appear. The most common areas of treatment are the facial area, with the forehead, cheeks, jowl and neck being the most often treated areas.
 The Cool RF Lift is also utilized to treat other regions such as the stomach, thighs, and arms.

What makes the Cool RF Lift procedure attractive is its minimal impact. The procedure is not surgical, but rivals many results from traditional surgery. Furthermore the skin surface is not damaged as the procedure does not extend below the dermis region.